About Kay Eskridge

February 4, 2009

Combining her passion for photography and her love of people, Kay Eskridge’s studio, Images by Kay & Co. has earned a sterling reputation for high-quality lifestyle portraiture. Kay and her team of women photographers take great pride in not only the imagery they create but also the high level of customer service they provide. Her clientele has come to rely on her to capture images from all of life’s special events, from maternity to newborns, tots to “tweens” , High School Seniors to summer family vacations and even intimate images captured through the CelebrateSexy division of her studio. Her focus on relationships, creative approach to portraiture, unique perspective on customer service and clear vision about business has provided her with much success doing something she loves.

One Response to “About Kay Eskridge”

  1. Susan Eckert says:

    Dear Kay,
    I would like to thank you for the kit you contributed to Sarah Petty’s Joy of Marketing endeavor. It’s very informative. As a boudoir photographer who’s finding the competition heating up in the past six months or so, I’ve committed to stepping up my game in 2011. And while I feel very confident in my photography skills it’s the marketing and sales aspect that’s killing me! I was wondering if you offered coaching or other types of support for photographers outside of your area? I’m in Long Island in NY.
    Thanks so much!