Hey ladies ~

Sometimes knowing what NOT to do can be just as helpful as knowing what to do when preparing for your CelebrateSexy experience. Here are some of our recommendations:


  • Over indulge the night before your session . . . if you feel bad . . . you’ll look bad. Plan to celebrate after the session – you’ll want to because you’ll have had so much fun!
  • Wear tight fitting clothes to your session – lines can take hours to disappear and will keep us from getting started Right away with the fun of the experience.
  • Get a sunburn right before your session . . . and remember tan lines will show. Some may find tan lines sexy so that can be cool, but if you don’t then work to get rid of them prior to your session. If you’ve never visited a tanning booth or used self tanners or bronzers trying them right before your session is NOT the time to start as the results can be worse than the lines themselves.
  • Bring in shoes that are scuffed or worn on the bottom. If you are laying-down, with shoes on, the bottoms will show so either take them to a Shoe Repair Store to have them polished or take a black marker and touch them up yourself. . .   you’ll be glad you did as they will look better in your images.

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