Meet Kristin . . .

September 1, 2009

                “As a recent bride I was struggling with what to give my ‘soon to be husband’ as a wedding present. I wanted it to be something awesome that he would really treasure.  I was hesitant to do an intimate portrait session because ‘sexy’ was never something I did well.  I had no idea it would not only be as fun as it was but it also was the confidence booster I needed before my wedding. Kay made me feel beautiful and comfortable and actually sexy!!!! My images turned out spectacular and my honey was blown away”. Meet Kristin . . .

                “One of the best parts of Celebrate Sexy is being able to explore new lighting techniques, angles and styles. The images are so different than anything we’ve had the opportunity to do before. Knowing that I am in the camera room helping create such beautiful pieces of artwork is very rewarding for me”.

          Kristin is an associate photographer and participates in all Celebratesexy sessions. She has a great eye for details and enjoys capturing angles that are unique and creative.  She also has ‘mad skills’ when it comes to Photoshop and has used her amazing talent to help create the steps used in our Visual Magic that we include on all selected Celebratesexy images.

             But my favorite thing about Kristin? . . . she’s my niece and I’m super proud of her. And I know once you meet her you’re going to love her too!!!!!!!!!

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