Meet Kathy Z . . .

October 13, 2009

 Meet Kathy Z . . .When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987 at age 43, I was angry and frightened. My husband, daughter and son cried together when I told them, but I decided that a positive attitude was the only way to cope. I had spent most of my life traveling all over the country as an Air Force wife and mother, but it was time for a new direction and challenge, so I applied to law school and was accepted.

I was still receiving chemotherapy during my first semester and wound up hospitalized with a blood infection just prior to my exams, but I managed to get through that difficult year and graduate with honors.

 As well as working as a healthcare attorney, I became active in the National Breast Cancer Coalition. I have been an advocate to increase funding for breast cancer research and worked to pass legislation on prohibiting genetic discrimination.

 This summer I celebrated 22 years cancer free. Although I am retired now, I am still working to help those who have been newly diagnosed through my role as President of Bosom Buddies, a Phoenix area group of caring volunteers. We provide support groups, a hotline and education for members. We travel to Washington every May to keep fighting for a cure for breast cancer so that my daughter and granddaughter will be safe.

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