If you have made the decision to have an intimate photo session done by ImagesByKay, congratulations! You are about to have an experience like no other and one that can reignite your bedroom like nothing else. Our new CelebrateSexy sessions can completely transform the way you see yourself.

One aspect of the session that is up to you is what to wear. The key with choosing the right clothing is wearing something that makes you feel sexy and attractive. While most of our clients choose a form of lingerie, that isn’t the only option. Here are three sexy clothing options you can pick for your intimate photo experience.

  • Leather – No fabric in the world accentuates curves and spells sexy sexyjeans1 210x300 Choosing the Right Intimate Photo Session Clothingquite like leather. You could have a pair of leather pants or a leather skirt on during your session; it is completely up to you. Leather is powerful. It announces to whoever sees it that you aren’t someone to be taken lightly. Leather can be sensual, commanding and incredibly sexy.
  • Jeans – Believe it or not, a pair of tight jeans can be incredibly sexy. Jeans cling to your body and really show off your curves. From the ankles on up to your waist, the right pair of jeans combined with the right sexy top can attract the attention of just about everyone and can result in an intimate photo experience to remember.
  • Corsets – There is an old fashion elegance associated with corsets that CelebrateSexy026 200x300 Choosing the Right Intimate Photo Session Clothingstill have the ability to take people’s breath away today. A corset hugs the body and shows off all the right areas. You’ll look stunning for your CelebrateSexy photo experience.

Most importantly, come to your ImagesByKay photo session ready to have fun. This experience is like no other and it is sure to be one you will remember for many years to come.

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