A real interview with CelebrateSexy Client Leslie B.

Question: Why did you specifically select CelebrateSexy?  

“CelebrateSexy was the obvious choice for me knowing the professionalism of the team and the reputation of the studio, compared to other studios. Putting yourself “out there” is a bit risky…. But CelebrateSexy made me feel comfortable and at ease with the way the sessions would be handled.”

Question: How did you feel before the session?

“Liberating! I was actually really excited and found it fun to come up with the “clothing” and what style I would want to capture.   I took the time to get hair and makeup  done professionally and that made all the different in my confidence of feeling really beautiful!”

Question:  What exactly did we do to make you feel comfortable, sexy, beautiful or confidant?

“Erin was awesome at explaining the whole process, what to anticipate, and that no one else would be around so we had full rein of the studio. It was like working with a best friend to capture something special.  She was great at helping put the final touches on each look!”

Question:  How did you feel after your session?

“Sexy, of course!!!  And feeling like I might even want to do it again!”

Question: What were the results of working with us? (Did your husband pass out when you gave him his album? Did you feel empowered and sexy? Did you tell all your friends about your experience?)

“My husband had no idea I did the session and was stunned at seeing the photos! Now he has his own personal book to savor! I shared with my friends and they were amazed!”

Question: If a woman was on the fence about whether to work with us or not, what would you say to them?

“Have no hesitation in working with CelebrateSexy!  You will only regret it if you don’t do it!! Don’t wait for the right time, do it now and celebrate your sexy-self!”


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