We would estimate that 75% of our clients are coming to us to create sexy images of themselves for a husband or boyfriend as a surprise gift. Some tell us that their man would never expect her to do something this daring and the thrill of the secret is half the fun! Other girls have said that their guy has always wanted her to give him the gift of sexy pictures but she has always been too shy until she saw our work and met with our staff.

Wondering about the remaining 25%? They have no significant other currently and the session is a gift they give to themselves. They tell us how hard they have been working in the gym and how they just wanted to document their body at this time in their lives. They tell us they just wanted to overcome their fears and embrace their sexuality. They tell us they don’t need a man in their lives to give them permission to have this experience. They tell us that in 40 years they want to pull out their beautiful album and look back on how hot they looked.

Now, I love all of our clients, but I have a special appreciation for these girls! You go girl! -Erin

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