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kay 300x300 About UsKay Eskridge- Photographer & Owner

I had no idea that offering a photographic opportunity like CelebrateSexy would mean so much to me personally. With each session I feel blessed as I get the chance to work with the most amazing women! Their stories and their lives are such inspiration to me!! I adore and appreciate each and every one of them for trusting us to provide an experience where they can explore what really makes them ‘feel sexy’.

It took such a long time in my life to get to the point . . . to understand that sexiness was more than about what was on the outside . . . that it was about self confidence and inner beauty and that my definition of sexy was my own. I know that sounds so philosophic but with age comes wisdom and at 45 I feel like I’m finally ‘getting it’ in terms of what I’m all about. If through a portrait experience like CelebrateSexy I can help other women celebrate what that means to each of them . . . than I know the time, hard work and continued effort is all worth it.

Erin 300x300 About UsErin Kenly McDonald -Associate Photographer & CelebrateSexy Client

About Erin:  Erin holds a degree from the world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography and after graduation joined the faculty teaching the Professional Portraiture class for three years.  Erin brings her passion for photography, her love of working with clients, and her years of business knowledge to the studio and is a welcome addition.  Erin and her husband Dave are both Phoenix natives and have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, Maggie.

Erin’s CelebrateSexy Story:  As a bride Erin did a CelebrateSexy Session and gave her fiancé an album of the images as a surprise gift on their wedding day.   “I told our wedding photographer to take the present to him and photograph his face when he opened it.  The look on his face in those images is priceless!  He was shocked, then his attention turned to our MALE wedding photographer whom he asked ‘Did you take these?’  He responded ‘NO. NO. Kay Eskridge took them!’  -He immediately calmed down and returned to enjoying the images knowing that a woman had created these sexy images of me!”


kristin 300x300 About UsKristin Young Brown- Studio Manager & Digital Artist

About Kristin:  Kay’s niece Kristin has been working at the studio since 1999 and is the heart of all our operations and the master of digital retouching.  A Phoenix native herself she enjoys working with clients and is always a friendly face or voice for customers.  Kristin married her longtime sweetheart in 2009 and the two of them are expecting their first child, a daughter, in May of this year.

Kristin’s CelebrateSexy Story:  “In our first year of marriage I finally decided to have a CelebrateSexy Session of my own & get some great images I could give to my husband for his birthday.  You might think after working at the studio for 13 years I would be relaxed about having these pictures taken but I have to admit…I was a little nervous.  Kay put me right at ease from the minute we started & before I realized it- I was actually enjoying myself.  I had heard clients rave about how much fun they had in their sessions & how empowering it was & NOW I understood what they were talking about!  – My husband loved the DVD slideshow set to music I gave him for his birthday & still recalls that as his favorite present EVER!”


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