Meet the Artist

When recently asked why she created CelebrateSexy, Kay responded, “We’ve been creating boudoir style images for years but due to the nature of the Images by Kay & Co. family friendly website, I was not comfortable advertising this division of our studio. The ability to launch a completely separate website has changed that.

Our contemporary approach to boudoir photography (sensual female photography) is more in touch with what today’s woman is looking for and CelebrateSexy was the perfect title to describe what we offer. We’re giving Arizona women a place to celebrate anything that makes them feel sexy. It’s our goal to make each portrait session special and memorable from beginning to end and to provide an experience where all women can find the diva from within.”

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kay 300x300 Meet the Artist

Kay Eskridge- Photographer & Owner

I had no idea that offering a photographic opportunity like CelebrateSexy would mean so much to me personally. With each session I feel blessed as I get the chance to work with the most amazing women! Their stories and their lives are such inspiration to me!! I adore and appreciate each and every one of them for trusting us to provide an experience where they can explore what really makes them ‘feel sexy’.

It took such a long time in my life to get to the point . . . to understand that sexiness was more than about what was on the outside . . . that it was about self confidence and inner beauty and that my definition of sexy was my own. I know that sounds so philosophic but with age comes wisdom and at 45 I feel like I’m finally ‘getting it’ in terms of what I’m all about. If through a portrait experience like CelebrateSexy I can help other women celebrate what that means to each of them . . . than I know the time, hard work and continued effort is all worth it.