You’ve got to check out my favortie new store . . .  Anastasia’s Bath . Body . Boudoir. They offer fine lingerie, luxurious bath and body treats, and charming boudoir décor.  Their European lingerie is sexy yet sophisticated, feminine but never frilly.  Shop elegant lines such as Lise Charmel and Aubade; flirty styles from Sally Jones Australia and Chantal Thomass; elegant silk night gowns and robes from Kenan of Canada.  Her lingerie is always sexy, always fabulous, but never compromising in good taste.  Further indulge with shea butter crèmes and bubble baths from Lollia and Nougat London.  Create romance and ambiance in your boudoir with Aglow candles, crystal perfume bottles, and Bella Fiore picture frames.  

Anastasia’s is located at The Shops Gainey Village  8787 N. Scottsdale Road #218  Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 480-443-4555  I was there the other day to capture these images so you can see how fabulous it is . . . better yet . . . go check it out for yourself! AND if you mention this blog post she has a VERY SPECIAL discount offer!!!!!!


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Sexy can be a lifestyle.  But, when it isn’t yours, it can be intimidating to consider a provocative gift like sensual female photography even for a longtime lover.  When the wrinkles, rolls, and lack of luster seem too much to face, consider that beauty is an attitude and the average woman may be a half foot shorter and fifty or sixty pounds heavier than the typical model, but is still as gorgeous as she believes herself to be.  Take the first step toward sexy and you may just find that it fits much better into your lifestyle than you ever imagined.

It is never easy to make the first step into uncharted territory, but sensual photography does not have to be feared. Knowing what is in store can certainly help to ease whatever reservations you might have regarding your own photo session. First of all, rest assured that you are not the first client of the studio to have the pre-session jitters, nor will you be the last.  Therefore, the staff is professional and highly equipped to help ease your nerves and guide you through a very pleasant and rewarding experience.  Secondly, although it will equate to an added expense, it may be wise for the bashful beauties to opt for the professional hairstyling and makeup application because the time spent with these professionals, added to the amazing outcomes, will boost self-esteem.  Once those services are complete, the staff at the studio will help and advise you as you choose outfits and scenery that best fits the desired look.  An all-female staff means that you can feel comfortable and as if you are in the company of your friends.

Just as the perfect hairdo and makeup application can help improve confidence levels, so can the right apparel. Your session is as unique as you are at CelebrateSexy, and the staff realizes that not all women feel sexy in the same sorts of attire; therefore, you do not have to fear being nude, or dressed in the most scandalous of outfits.  Wear what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel beautiful.  Boy shorts and a low cut tank or a man’s dress shirt and a pair of underwear can be equally as stunning as fishnets and garter belts, especially when the woman feels more comfortable and more at ease in the earlier options. 

Although the pictures may be for him, the experience is yours.  So, come to your CelebrateSexy session ready to have fun, create your own version of beautiful, accept the support of a well-trained staff, and the outcome will be better than anything you, or he, could have dreamed of.

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In a time when life can carry us away; when days move by so quickly that they turn into months and years before our eyes, there is little time left to share and enjoy with those that mean so much.  The staff at CelebrateSexy studios has not only helped to return intimacy to romantic relationships, they also remind women how important it is to celebrate friendship. Eat, drink, be merry, and be caught on film doing it with your closest friends with a Diva Party.DSC 5496 300x200 Celebrating Sexy with Friends: Diva Party

A Diva Party is an excellent excuse to leave the hubbies and kids – not to mention the other stresses of life – behind for the evening and share in some feminine fun, while creating a lasting memory in the process.  The hostess can enjoy tremendous savings on a future intimate photo session of a more intimate nature for her loved one, thereby lighting two candles with one match: paying tribute to friends and rekindling romance in her relationship.

However, these parties also work wonderfully as a special occasion gathering or in conjunction with other special occasion plans. DSC 8863 art 300x224 Celebrating Sexy with Friends: Diva Party Pack a bottle of bubbly and get a cake to celebrate a first, second, or third thirty-fifth birthday. Or bring the bride-to-be for a last hoorah before the big day.  The guest of honor, whether she is a bachelorette or a birthday girl, can also be treated to those savings, previously mentioned, so she can start the marriage off with a bang or feel every day as youthful as she truly is. The studio’s homey feel is inviting and perfect for just such a gathering with hardwood floors and upscale furniture. The fun of professional hairstyling and makeup application will be cathartic, and dressing to match for a gorgeous photo session will top off an evening of great friends and fun. 

So, say goodbye to the men, to the little tykes, to the office, and say hello to the gorgeous girlies in your life for the evening.  Enjoy snacks, have a few drinks, while being pampered, primped, and photographed and feel every bit as beautiful as you should feel with the women who have always made you feel that way.  Each of you will walk away with an 8 x 10 documenting the night of fun so you will never forget, and as the hostess (or guest of honor) you will also receive a book of the twenty hottest shots. Most importantly, come to your CelebrateSexy Diva Party session ready to have fun. This experience is like no other and it is sure to be one everyone will remember for many years to come.DSC 6006 300x200 Celebrating Sexy with Friends: Diva Party

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Glamour and sex appeal can get lost in today’s world where most live fast-paced, high-stress lives.  But, there is a company who has vowed to bring intimacy back to the bedroom while instilling a renewed sense of sexy in the average woman.  CelebrateSexy is a sensual photography studio aimed at the everyday lady who wants to do something nice for her man.  The atmosphere is welcoming, well-equipped, and most importantly – judgment free. So, if you are a woman who does not fit the supermodel mold, but want to remind your loved one of the beauty he beholds every day, then perhaps you should overcome the nerves and become acquainted with the staff of CelebrateSexy.

Intimate glamour photos are an excellent way to show your loved one how much he means and an even better way to reintroduce that sexual spark.  This studio recognizes that moving out of your comfort zone and onto the sensual photography scene may seem a large leap, so they make sure to provide the most comfortable setting, the friendliest assistance, and a gentle guidance throughout the event.  With a pre-portrait consultation to get everyone on the same page, from help with makeup, hair and dress, to artistic photo retouch to make the images as beautiful as you are, your experience will leave you anything but embarrassed.

A better prepared woman is sure to feel more secure.  Therefore, build your confidence by creating the most beautiful you.  Photographs created at the studio can fit in many different categories, from those meant to tease and tantalize to those with a sweet and playful air, so decide what will make you feel most beautiful, jeans or jewels, nudity or negligee, fur or feathers, shorts or silk, and bring it.  Just because sensual is in the title does not imply that you must rid yourself of all clothing or don a dominatrix outfit.  It may be more your style to be wrapped in a luxurious fur, covered with his Oxford, or even in tank and jeans ready to lasso your man’s attention.  You may even opt to take an alter ego in a sexy costume – nurse, maid, cop, etc. – in order to turn this into your greatest acting role.  The options are endless, which means that you can let go of your fears revolving around fishnets and thongs (unless, of course, that is the look you desire, in which case – go for it!) and know that you can be sexy and true to you.

For those who simply cannot muster the wherewithal to go it alone, another option is to hold a girl’s night celebration of sexy.  Friends can be brought together, photographed together, and made to feel absolutely alluring together.  Makeup and hair, clothing and shoes, smiles and laughs are the perfect ingredients for a night of feminine fun and this will provide the prime opportunity to get comfortable with the idea of a more intimate portrait setting (oh, and did I mention…. you’ll get it at a discount, too?)  So, record the last sober moments of the bachelorette party, pop a bottle of champagne, and pull out the cake littered with candles, or simply take a random day to create lasting memories with friends and when you see the outcome, imagine how perfect it could be to present your loved one with an equally gorgeous shot less the extra bodies.

Sensual female photography is not just for the 36,” 24,” 36” body type.  You are sexy and if you question it now, you won’t after he takes one look at this extraordinary gift.  So, primp, press, powder, and do whatever else it takes, but do not let fear conquer you in your quest for the sexier you.

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If you’ve never experienced a CelebrateSexy photo session before, then you probably don’t know what to expect. The professional photographers create a space that right’s for you, so that you can feel self-empowered and confident. The basic premise of a boudoir photography photo session is to bring out your inner diva, in whatever way you feel comfortable. sexycowgirl 300x199 Fun Props For Your Boudoir Photography SessionsMany women choose to bring props to photo sessions in order to highlight a certain theme for their photos or even turn them in to a ‘pin up’ for their special guy. Props are a great way to add that special something to your photos and to make them truly unique.

For example, if you want to let out your inner cowgirl, you can add a cowboy hat and cowboy boots to your entire ensemble. sexysportsjersey1 200x300 Fun Props For Your Boudoir Photography SessionsOr, if you are a sports fan then you might want to consider dressing in your favorite team’s jersey or wearing additional sports equipment. Props can help you immerse yourself into the experience, so that you can portray your sexy side to the fullest extent. If you are planning on giving your photos to that special someone for a specific event, such as a birthday or an anniversary, then you might want to think about the kinds of things that he likes. For example, if he has a certain hobby, add props to your photos that reflect that hobby. A motorcycle helmet and leather gloves are perfect props for any motorcycle enthusiast, and a tool belt and hardhat are perfect props for any man who loves to work around the house. You can also use props to help with the staging of the photo shoot. For example, there are many tasteful and sensual ways to incorporate a chair or a table into your photos. And if he has a specific fantasy that he has expressed to you in the past, you can bring it life! The possibilities are endless.sexymotocycleprop 300x200 Fun Props For Your Boudoir Photography Sessions

The best thing about props is that there is no right or wrong way to use them. It’s all about you and what image you would like to reflect in your photos. Sometimes, props can help you feel more comfortable and allow you to settle into your sexy role. The idea behind boudoir photography is “fun.” Allow yourself the opportunity to expand your self-image and have some fun. Let your hair down and don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside the box. After all, these photos are all about you and the image you would like to portray.

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Valentines Day Sensual Photos Make A Great Valentine’s GiftMen have it easy when it comes to Valentine’s Day. They know exactly what women want (sometimes!) — whether it’s a stunning bouquet of roses, a gleaming diamond necklace, or an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant. Women, on the other hand, often struggle to find the perfect gift for the men in their lives.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you may already be sifting through possible gift ideas in your mind, but before you go out shopping at the nearest mall, consider the following alternative — why not surprise that special someone with a fantastic collection of sexy and sensual photographs? celebratesexyalbums2 300x175 Sensual Photos Make A Great Valentine’s GiftThink about it — he will be entirely blown away by the artistic beauty that CelebrateSexy photos provide. A CelebrateSexy photo session will make you feel like a queen. The setup, stage and design focus on making you look as sexy as possible. And with an all-female staff, you can be sure that you are getting the best advice on how to look as sexy as possible in your photos. They will help you do more than just look sexy, though — they will help you think sexy as well. After your photo session, you’ll feel more confident and secure about yourself than you have ever felt before. The best part is that you and your special someone can enjoy your newfound sense of confidence together. Give him more than just a new tie or some expensive cologne.  smoochcosmeticsad 300x217 Sensual Photos Make A Great Valentine’s GiftGive him a gift that will astound and captivate him. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance. Remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Self-confidence is sensual, confidence is sexy. With CelebrateSexy photos, you will be able to bring out your inner goddess to the full extent.  There are many affordable sensual photography packages to choose from, which makes this the ideal gift for any budget. The talented staff can help you NaughtyorNice 217x300 Sensual Photos Make A Great Valentine’s Giftachieve the image you want to portray in a classy and sexy manner. It is their goal to make each intimate glamour photography session special and memorable for you from beginning to end, and also to provide an experience unlike any other where all women can find the “sexy” within. Sexy can be displayed in a variety of ways, whether it’s bold and beautiful or subtle and playful. CelebrateSexy is about celebrating who you are, no matter what size or shape you may be. Find out which kind of “sexy” fits you best. The man in your life will thank you, guaranteed.

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If you have made the decision to have an intimate photo session done by ImagesByKay, congratulations! You are about to have an experience like no other and one that can reignite your bedroom like nothing else. Our new CelebrateSexy sessions can completely transform the way you see yourself.

One aspect of the session that is up to you is what to wear. The key with choosing the right clothing is wearing something that makes you feel sexy and attractive. While most of our clients choose a form of lingerie, that isn’t the only option. Here are three sexy clothing options you can pick for your intimate photo experience.

  • Leather – No fabric in the world accentuates curves and spells sexy sexyjeans1 210x300 Choosing the Right Intimate Photo Session Clothingquite like leather. You could have a pair of leather pants or a leather skirt on during your session; it is completely up to you. Leather is powerful. It announces to whoever sees it that you aren’t someone to be taken lightly. Leather can be sensual, commanding and incredibly sexy.
  • Jeans – Believe it or not, a pair of tight jeans can be incredibly sexy. Jeans cling to your body and really show off your curves. From the ankles on up to your waist, the right pair of jeans combined with the right sexy top can attract the attention of just about everyone and can result in an intimate photo experience to remember.
  • Corsets – There is an old fashion elegance associated with corsets that CelebrateSexy026 200x300 Choosing the Right Intimate Photo Session Clothingstill have the ability to take people’s breath away today. A corset hugs the body and shows off all the right areas. You’ll look stunning for your CelebrateSexy photo experience.

Most importantly, come to your ImagesByKay photo session ready to have fun. This experience is like no other and it is sure to be one you will remember for many years to come.

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One question that we often hear at ImagesByKay is how does someone toss away their modesty for the camera? The truth is that we begin to prepare professionalhairstyling2 300x210 How to Toss Away Modesty For Your Boudoir Photography Sessionyou hours before your session begins. We offer a list of recommended salons where you can get your hair and makeup done by professionals. This helps to set the stage for your actual session. professionalmakeup5 150x150 How to Toss Away Modesty For Your Boudoir Photography SessionHere are a few more tips that will get you in the mood for this amazing boudoir photography session.

  • Think sexy – A CelebrateSexy photo session is all about one thing: making you look and feel as sexy as possible. Our all-female staff will help you do more than just look sexy, they will help you think sexy, too. You’ll be able to see the difference in every photo we take. You won’t just look fabulous, you will radiate confidence, as well.
  • Feel sexy – We encourage you to wear whatever clothing you want that makes you feel the sexiest. Many of our clients go out and sexylingerie 214x300 How to Toss Away Modesty For Your Boudoir Photography Sessionpurchase a new teddy or some other kind of intimate lingerie, but if you feel sexy in a cowboy hat and a pair of tight jeans, than that is what we’ll use. When you feel sexy, your modesty can be easily overcome.
  • Be sexy – Our experienced photographers have dealt with thousands of women with every body type you can imagine. If you have questions or you want to know if a particular pose flatters you, simply ask. There are no silly questions. Your CelebrateSexy photo session is all about helping you be sexy and you can!

Don’t miss this chance to completely remake yourself. Your ImagesByKay photo session can show the world, or just that special someone, how beautiful you really are. Your modesty won’t stand in the way of this special moment.

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…with a CelebrateSexy photo session.

If you are looking for a gift that is a bit off the beaten path and one that can genuinely make a difference in someone’s life, consider giving the gift of a CelebrateSexy photo session from ImagesByKay. This amazing treat can completely change the way a person looks at themselves. Our highly trained all female staff will make you feel confident, sexy and ready to take on the world. Perfect for that special someone or a friend who needs a self esteem boost, a CelebrateSexy photo session is the ultimate way to say “you’re special!”

What can a CelebrateSexy photo session do for that special someone in your life? It can change the way they view themselves in the mirror. We recommend one of our preferred stylists for professional hair and makeup (see our recommended vendors tab at top of blog) to get that special someone ready for their session. You can wear just about anything during your session, as well. As long as you feel sexy, that’s what matters! Our photographers have been making a difference in people’s lives now for years, and now it is your turn to help make a difference in the life of someone you love.

What kind of person enjoys a CelebrateSexy photo session? Someone who wants to feel beautiful, someone who wants to feel sexy and someone who wants to feel like they can accomplish anything. ImagesByKay has been helping women all over the country feel sexy with their intimate boudoir photo sessions. They can reignite that flame of passion between two people or it can spark a whole new flame. Don’t rely on old fashion gifts this year, go the extra mile and get something that has the potential to change the way a person views themselves. A CelebrateSexy photo session is like no other gift in the world.

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Today’s beauty conscious world leads to self-image issues for thousands of intimatephotography2 150x150 Intimate Photography Studios Boost Confidencewomen, and while many turn to a nip here and a tuck there, hundreds more are turning to intimate glamour photography studios to help give them a much-needed boost in confidence. Gorgeous, sexy photos are the ticket to ensuring you have the confidence necessary for success in day to day life, and companies like ImagesByKay and their new CelebrateSexy line are ideal for this purpose.

If you’re a little unsure about your session, though, these tips may help.

  • Don’t worry about your makeup and your hair. Sure, you know what you like and what you’re comfortable with, but remember that CelebrateSexy has salons they recommend to give you the look you need. This should be a special day for you, and having someone else handle your hair and makeup may give your photos that touch you’ve been searching for in your day-to-day life. What’s more, though, is that having someone else handle your hair and makeup for you could give you a few tricks to take back to your every day routine.intimatephotography31 300x200 Intimate Photography Studios Boost Confidence
  • Your body isn’t a problem. ImagesByKay is a team of well-trained photographers who know how to highlight the parts of you that are amazing while minimizing those that you’re concerned about. If you’re not at your ideal weight or you’re just a little unsure about a few parts, let our team worry about that. You can still have amazingly sexy pictures even if you’re not a supermodel.
  • Your clothing choices should spell sexy. Choose the pieces that you think are going to make you look best. Not sure what to pick? Talk tointimatephotography1 150x150 Intimate Photography Studios Boost Confidence one of our photographers during your pre-portrait consultation for some hints and tips. Sure, corsets and teddies are a favorite, but you know your options better than we do, so if you think one of his sports jerseys will do the trick, don’t hesitate to bring it along.
  • Your modesty isn’t an issue. Everyone has a level of nudity they feel comfortable with, and while our all-female staff will do the best it can to make you feel at ease during your session, let your photographer know what’s going to work for you and what won’t. Trust her judgment throughout the session. Remember to spend a little time with us during the pre-portrait consultation to talk about the kinds of portraits we do and do not offer.

We are a professional photography studio that believes strongly in providing a photographic ‘experience’ not just the end product of a portrait for our clients. Our goal is to make every client feel special and well cared for so they will in turn tell everyone they know about us. Please contact visit our website at or give us a call today at  (602) 393-9333.

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