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breast cancer ribbon 23675330 std 190x300 In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

‘Celebrate Survivors’ Photography Session Contest

As part of our quest to support women’s issues, Images by Kay & Co. Photography is excited to announce our sixth Annual Breast Cancer Survivors’ CelebrateSexy Photo Session Contest.

I am committed to supporting this cause and proud to be providing Arizona women a place to be photographed in a way that builds confidence about their bodies once again. The pampering that occurs during a CelebrateSexy photo session helps ease feelings of vulnerability. After surviving such a serious health challenge, women sometimes feel betrayed by their bodies. The beautiful photographs from the session help to bridge that gap, building peace and self-assurance.

Images by Kay & Co. Photography’s CelebrateSexy division will hold a contest during the month of October for cancer survivors. If you or any woman you know has been affected by cancer, please consider entering our contest to win a FREE CelebrateSexy Diva Photography Package. Entering the contest is easy, simply send us your story along with one or two photos of you and we will post the entries on our blog. Readers will choose the contest winner by voting for their favorite story. The winner will receive a Designer Diva Photography Package and treated to professional hair styling and makeup application during her CelebrateSexy session. The images in her album will be a wonderful reminder and celebration of her beauty. The value of the package is over $2,000 but past winners have shared their experience was priceless.

To enter the contest:

This contest is for any woman who has survived or is fighting cancer in any form.

Please email your story to with the subject line: SURVIVOR CONTEST. Send a picture of yourself and any other photos you would like to share. Your first name and images will be posted on our CelebrateSexy and Images by Kay & Co. Blog for readers to view and vote on. Feel free to nominate a deserving friend – just please ask their permission first and send us their contact information so that we can get their confirmation. We will be accepting entries until October 31, 2015.

Viewers can cast their votes through November 15th and the winner will be announced on November 30th.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing your amazing stories!


11018 N. 42nd Street      Phoenix, AZ   85028

Looking for models . . .

February 20, 2015

Ladies of all shapes & sizes we’re looking for models interested in exchanging their time and talent for our time and talent. New location and new ideas . . . just need some fresh faces and cool beauties to help us update our look. Must be 21 or older and willing to let us include their image on our website in exchange for a session. Call Kay @ 602.393.9333 if you’re interested. Space is limited.a044 Looking for models . . .

We would estimate that 75% of our clients are coming to us to create sexy images of themselves for a husband or boyfriend as a surprise gift. Some tell us that their man would never expect her to do something this daring and the thrill of the secret is half the fun! Other girls have said that their guy has always wanted her to give him the gift of sexy pictures but she has always been too shy until she saw our work and met with our staff.

Wondering about the remaining 25%? They have no significant other currently and the session is a gift they give to themselves. They tell us how hard they have been working in the gym and how they just wanted to document their body at this time in their lives. They tell us they just wanted to overcome their fears and embrace their sexuality. They tell us they don’t need a man in their lives to give them permission to have this experience. They tell us that in 40 years they want to pull out their beautiful album and look back on how hot they looked.

Now, I love all of our clients, but I have a special appreciation for these girls! You go girl! -Erin

A 2004 study investigating Valentine’s Day showed that couples were 2.55 times more likely to break up during the weeks leading up to and after Valentine’s Day compared with any other month.

Celebrate Sexy Boudoir Photography Studio in Phoenix has found a unique way to help cure the breakup blues. They offer the “Ego Boost Boudoir” photography session! Come into their beautiful 3,000 square foot professional, upscale studio location, and let their all female staff show you a photography experience like no other!

Celebrate Sexy photographer Erin McDonald says “I’d say half of our clients don’t have a significant other they are creating these beautiful images for – they are doing it for themselves!  They are treating themselves to this wonderfully empowering experience and feeling so beautiful, and confidant when they leave.  It’s a really great feeling to be able to show a woman how sexy she really is!”

Call their studio today to schedule your free pre-portrait consultation! 602-393-9333

There’s something to be said from the boost you can get from a great fitting bustier. If you’re purchasing in a store take the time to ask the sales person for sizing help. If they’re too small or used too tightly you’ll end up with marks all over your skin for the next outfit change.

rct1643 300x200 Get a boost from your bustier!

rct054 300x199 Get a boost from your bustier!

rct086 300x199 Get a boost from your bustier!

rct116 200x300 Get a boost from your bustier!

vday2 Be My Valentine...

When April wanted to play Mrs. Claus for her favorite Kris Kringle feathers and velvet had to play a big role. SO, whether you’ve been naught or nice this year if you get some fun lingerie for Christmas give us a call and let’s set up a CelebrateSexy portrait session and make it a Valentines Day gift just for him. Mention this blog post and enjoy $100 off your session. Valid through January 31, 2012.Mrs Santa Claus 95901 819x1024 Santa has something fun to unwrap . . .

Sexy Santa suits . . .

December 1, 2011

Looking for something to add a little ‘sizzle’ to your CelebrateSexy portrait session that will have your Mr. Claus smiling all year? How about dressing like a sexy Mrs. Claus? We already have the mistletoe . . . here’s some links to help you shop. Victoria’s Secret!

V320201 CROP1 150x150 Sexy Santa suits . . .

and from Fredericks of Hollywood,default,sc.html

93217 main 150x150 Sexy Santa suits . . .93223 main 150x150 Sexy Santa suits . . .93713 main 150x150 Sexy Santa suits . . .

Ho Ho Ho for Mistletoe

November 30, 2011

Sexymythology about mistletoe!

 It’s unclear how the custom of kissing under the mistletoe began, but who cares? Making out is festive! Mention this blog post and enjoy $50 off any CelebratesSexy Diva Package. It’s not too late for Christmas gifts and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We’ll even provide the mistletoe!

CelebrateSexy Mistletoe1 300x200 Ho Ho Ho for Mistletoe

When a Bunny sets napkins or drinks on the far end of a table, she does not awkwardly reach across the table ~ she does the “Bunny Dip”. This keeps her tray away from the patrons and enables her to give graceful, stylized service. The “Bunny Dip” is performed by arching the back as much as possible, then bending the knees to whatever degree is necessary. Raise the left heel as you bend the knees. Now practice and see what happens the next time you serve a drink . . .

thumbnail2 Learn  how  to  officially  do  the  Bunny Dip