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breast cancer ribbon 23675330 std 190x300 In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

‘Celebrate Survivors’ Photography Session Contest

As part of our quest to support women’s issues, Images by Kay & Co. Photography is excited to announce our sixth Annual Breast Cancer Survivors’ CelebrateSexy Photo Session Contest.

I am committed to supporting this cause and proud to be providing Arizona women a place to be photographed in a way that builds confidence about their bodies once again. The pampering that occurs during a CelebrateSexy photo session helps ease feelings of vulnerability. After surviving such a serious health challenge, women sometimes feel betrayed by their bodies. The beautiful photographs from the session help to bridge that gap, building peace and self-assurance.

Images by Kay & Co. Photography’s CelebrateSexy division will hold a contest during the month of October for cancer survivors. If you or any woman you know has been affected by cancer, please consider entering our contest to win a FREE CelebrateSexy Diva Photography Package. Entering the contest is easy, simply send us your story along with one or two photos of you and we will post the entries on our blog. Readers will choose the contest winner by voting for their favorite story. The winner will receive a Designer Diva Photography Package and treated to professional hair styling and makeup application during her CelebrateSexy session. The images in her album will be a wonderful reminder and celebration of her beauty. The value of the package is over $2,000 but past winners have shared their experience was priceless.

To enter the contest:

This contest is for any woman who has survived or is fighting cancer in any form.

Please email your story to with the subject line: SURVIVOR CONTEST. Send a picture of yourself and any other photos you would like to share. Your first name and images will be posted on our CelebrateSexy and Images by Kay & Co. Blog for readers to view and vote on. Feel free to nominate a deserving friend – just please ask their permission first and send us their contact information so that we can get their confirmation. We will be accepting entries until October 31, 2015.

Viewers can cast their votes through November 15th and the winner will be announced on November 30th.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing your amazing stories!


11018 N. 42nd Street      Phoenix, AZ   85028

Jen was our 2011 Celebrate Survivor contest winner and was a 3 Time Cancer Survivor when we photographed her. Sadly her cancer came back and she lost her battle in April of this year. We have many fond memories of Jen, and had so much fun photographing her Ultimate Diva celebrate Sexy Session. She will live on in the images we created and in spirit. Our hearts go out to Jen’s family and friends.


July 21, 2012

The Smell Report & Sexual Attraction

(from SIRC blog)

The attractive powers of pheromones (scented sex hormones) have often been exaggerated – not least by advertisers trying to sell pheromone-based scents and sprays which they claim will make men irresistible to women.

Widely publicized research findings on female sensitivity to male pheromones have also led some men to believe that the odor of their natural sweat is highly attractive to women.

Women are indeed highly sensitive to male pheromones, particularly around ovulation, but many popular assumptions about the effects of these pheromones are the result of misinterpretation and over-simplification of the research results.

All male pheromones are not equally attractive, and some of the myths stem from an understandable confusion over their names. The male pheromone androstenone is not the same as androstenol. Androstenol is the scent produced by fresh male sweat, and is attractive to females. Androstenone is produced by male sweat after exposure to oxygen – i.e. when less fresh – and is perceived as highly unpleasant by females (except during ovulation, when their responses change from ‘negative’ to ‘neutral’).

So, men who believe that their ‘macho’, sweaty body-odor is attractive to women are deluding themselves, unless they are constantly producing fresh sweat and either naked or changing their clothes every 20 minutes to remove any trace of the oxidized sweat. Generally, the female-repelling androstenone is the more prominent male body odor, as the fresh-sweat odor of androstenol disappears very quickly. In terms of scent, the sweaty macho-man is therefore likely to be unattractive to most women, most of the time – at best, he may elicit a grudging ‘neutral’ response from women who happen to be ovulating (which of course excludes all those taking oral contraceptives).

Although the male pheromone androstenol has been shown to be attractive to women, men’s use of pheromone-based scents to attract women may not have the desired effect. An experiment in which a pheromone-sprayed chair in a dentist’s waiting room was most frequently chosen by women is often cited in support of the attractive power of male pheromones. The problem with this conclusion is that the pheromone in question can only be detected at a distance of about 18 inches, so the women would have to have selected the chair and sat down before becoming aware of its scent.

A further difficulty in this context is that although pheromone-based scents may have an arousing effect on women, the women will not be aware of the source of their arousal. A man wearing pheromone scent at a crowded party will still have to compete with the other men present for the attention of the women. Only in a strictly one-to-one, intimate encounter could the arousing effect of the scent actually benefit the man wearing it – and to achieve such an encounter, the man must presumably be capable of attracting the woman by some other means. In the context of social situations, it is perhaps also worth noting that androstenol has been shown to be attractive to men, as well as women!

Another experiment showed, however, that daily use of pleasant-smelling colognes significantly improves the mood of middle-aged men, reducing mood disturbances such as tension, depression, anger, fatigue and confusion which are associated with the ‘mid-life crisis’. This personal sense of well-being, good humor and confidence, which will inevitably be reflected in behavior, may be of more help in attracting potential partners than the fickle and unreliable effects of pheromone-sprays.

Similar mood-improvements have been observed in studies of the effects of perfume use on middle-aged women. Women at mid-life, particularly post-menopausal women taking hormone treatments, tend to suffer fewer mood disturbances than middle-aged men. (Contrary to popular opinion, the so-called ‘male menopause’ seems to involve more pronounced emotional disorders than the female version.) But regular use of pleasant fragrances still had a significant beneficial effect on the emotional well-being of mid-life females, and another study showed that young women experience equally positive effects. Again, the cheering effect of pleasant fragrances may also make women more attractive to potential partners.

Women who believe that the use of ‘sexy’ perfumes will attract men, however, may be misguided. Women’s sensitivity to musk, an ingredient commonly used in perfumes, is 1000 times greater than mens. ‘Sexy’ perfumes containing musk are therefore much more likely to arouse the woman wearing them than any potential male partners. But by making a woman feel more sensual, the perfume may affect her behavior and thus indirectly increase her attractiveness.

A number of women’s magazines have recently carried good-news reports claiming that the smell of cinnamon buns has been proven to ‘boost male erections’ – some use the more scientific-sounding euphemism ‘increase penile blood-flow’. A few reports also mention lavender.

In fact, the study in question – conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago – discovered only that ‘in those with a normal olfactory ability, a variety of odors can increase penile blood-flow’. These odors included pumpkin pie, liquorice, doughnuts and lavender, and various combinations of these, as well as oriental spice and cola. The most effective were a lavender/ pumpkin pie mixture, a doughnut/ black liquorice mixture and a pumpkin pie/doughnut mixture – but the results depended on other factors such as whether the participants’ partners wore cologne and how many times they had had intercourse in the last month.. In short, the only reliable conclusion to be drawn from this is, as the authors themselves admit, that all sorts of smells can increase penile blood flow.

Even this is not very surprising, as any strong odor will have a stimulating effect, which will cause a general increase in blood flow to the extremities – inevitably including the penis. A very powerful odour, such as smelling-salts, can even revive someone from a dead faint. If your partner is actually asleep or unconscious, this old-fashioned remedy may be more effective than the lavender/pumpkin pie mixture – and probably no more offensive.

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If you’re looking for clues to a woman’s personality, then read her lips.

article 0 0553517B000005DC 355 468x301 300x192 Scarlet woman or shrinking violet... what your lipstick says about you

A study has found that all those clichés about lipstick color really do hold true.

Women who paint their lips red do so because they are full of self-confidence, or intend to appear so. Those who choose a darker red are feeling sexy and sensuous, and a slick of pale pink means that a woman has a fantastic love life and is happy. Bare lips, on the other hand, signal that a woman is lacking confidence and feeling less attractive.

 Seven out of ten of the 3,000 women polled said they usually chose their lipstick to match the way they were feeling. But almost three quarters also said that using a different color could actually help change their mood.

A spokesman for online make-up store VIE at home, which carried out the research, said: ‘The findings show just how much influence the color women put on their lips can have.rct126 200x300 Scarlet woman or shrinking violet... what your lipstick says about you

‘By applying red lipstick women instantly feel more confident, sexy and in control – which could be why the women who wear the shade are more likely to succeed in their career too.

Wearing lipstick is a quick and affordable way for women to draw attention to their lips, making them feel more attractive and instantly inject a bit of glamour. Also altering the shade of lipstick worn can totally change a woman’s look.’

The survey confirmed that more than half use lipstick as a pick-me-up, with 55 per cent saying it cheered them up if they applied some while they felt down.  It also suggests that applying a certain shade of lip color can totally change the way a woman feels.

So don’t forget to bring in a variety of your favorite lipstick colors for your next CelebrateSexy portrait session to help change your mood as many times as you change your outfits! Pucker Up Butter Cup!!!!




There’s something to be said from the boost you can get from a great fitting bustier. If you’re purchasing in a store take the time to ask the sales person for sizing help. If they’re too small or used too tightly you’ll end up with marks all over your skin for the next outfit change.

rct1643 300x200 Get a boost from your bustier!

rct054 300x199 Get a boost from your bustier!

rct086 300x199 Get a boost from your bustier!

rct116 200x300 Get a boost from your bustier!

When April wanted to play Mrs. Claus for her favorite Kris Kringle feathers and velvet had to play a big role. SO, whether you’ve been naught or nice this year if you get some fun lingerie for Christmas give us a call and let’s set up a CelebrateSexy portrait session and make it a Valentines Day gift just for him. Mention this blog post and enjoy $100 off your session. Valid through January 31, 2012.Mrs Santa Claus 95901 819x1024 Santa has something fun to unwrap . . .

Sexy Santa suits . . .

December 1, 2011

Looking for something to add a little ‘sizzle’ to your CelebrateSexy portrait session that will have your Mr. Claus smiling all year? How about dressing like a sexy Mrs. Claus? We already have the mistletoe . . . here’s some links to help you shop. Victoria’s Secret!

V320201 CROP1 150x150 Sexy Santa suits . . .

and from Fredericks of Hollywood,default,sc.html

93217 main 150x150 Sexy Santa suits . . .93223 main 150x150 Sexy Santa suits . . .93713 main 150x150 Sexy Santa suits . . .

Make you FEEL . . . loved, beautiful, sensual, sassy, special, sexy, wanted, respected, desired, worshipped, adventurous, KEskridge2011 150x150 A Professional Boudoir Portrait Session should . . ., smart, funny, happy, flirty, out of or in complete control, dangerous, sweet, powerful, hot, unique . . . it is MY goal as a professional boudoir photographer (and female too!) to give you the safe place to feel these things. I don’t take it lightly (although you will have fun) but the passion I have for working with women and providing these feelings makes me happy to wake up each day. So . . . give the studio a call and come play with us and FEEL!!!!!!!

Satin Seduction

April 14, 2011

Face it . . . there isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t love the way satin sheets feel! We’re embracing that knowledge and offer ‘Wrapped In Satin’ as a Sexify Upgrade to any CelebrateSexy Diva Package. You can make it personal and bring in your own or let us drap you in our red, black, ivory or gold sets.

We like photographing these sensual images so much that we’re going to include the upgrade FREE for any luscious lady who schedules their intimate glamour photography session prior to May 31st. Give the studio a call today to take advantage of this great offer. We know once you’ve been photographed in them you’re going to want to go out and buy some for your own boudoir!!!!

femalesensualphotographyboudoir2 300x200 Satin Seductionsensualfemaleboudoirphotography122 300x200 Satin Seductionsensualfemaleboudoirphotography052 300x200 Satin Seductionsensualfemaleboudoirphotography072 300x200 Satin Seduction