10 Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need a pre-portrait consultation?

Our complimentary pre-portrait consultation will be the perfect time to chat about your ideas and how we can best accommodate your thoughts, dreams and desires. Feel free to bring samples of what you’ve found so we can be better prepared for your CelebrateSexy session. Remember . . . we have your best interest at heart so working together as a team is important to us!
We don’t want it to be stressful . . . so take some time and check out the Inspiration Galleries on our website to see what other Divas have done. You can also look through magazines and catalogs (Maxxim, Playboy, W Magazine and Victorias Secret catalogs are all great for posing, clothing and prop ideas) or visit our Blog ( where we’ve posted all kinds of fun ideas and tips and hints.

What do I bring to my session?

A  CelebrateSexy portrait experience is about creating images that capture the essence of what you think is sexy. So, the first step is for you to decide what that is.  Lingerie?  Satin sheets? Cutoffs, boots and a cowboy hat? Boy shorts and a tank top? Nylons and great heels? Nothing on at all? Is it sweet or seductive? Strength or the curves of your body? A smile or coy expression? Is it laughter? Is it edgy with fun, funky lighting or softer and romantic? The possibilities are endless . . .
The second step in deciding what to bring is to determine ‘why’ you’ve decided to participate in this diva adventure. Are you doing this for yourself or will the images be a gift for someone special? If so, what do you think they might like or think is sexy? Maybe it’s a little bit of both?

Do I need to come early to get ready?

No. Based on the Diva Package you purchase we will have set aside plenty of time for your photography experience. Should you decide to have you hair and makeup done by one of our professionals (, will calculate that into the timeline for the day. Arriving on time is important to maximize your fun so . . . don’t be late!

Is it normal to be nervous about my diva session?

Yes, but you don’t need to be! As an all female team you’ll quickly discover that it will be like working with sisters! Our number one priority is that you feel comfortable and enjoy the experience . . . this is all about YOU and discovering your inner diva. You may have some butterflies in your stomach at first, but once we get started . . . you’re going to relax and have a blast while we create amazing images that will truly represent you and all of your ‘sexiness’!

I’ve never done this before . . . how will I know how to ‘pose’?

It’s not about ‘posing’ as much as it is about just being ‘you’. We’re going to work with you as a team to create images that represent what you think is sexy and we’ll be there to guide you through it. This is what we do and we love doing it so just relax, have fun and trust us!

Can I bring someone with me to the session?

We can understand why you think you might want to but . . . believe us . . . they will only serve as a distraction and make you more self-conscious. Photographing as a ‘team’ gives us the opportunity to have not only two different professional photographers working the magic behind the camera but also an associate there to take care of the details and make sure you look fabulous. We hope this thought process will start getting you excited about your experience.

What is your payment policy?

All Diva Packages are confirmed with full payment at the time you schedule your appointment as we don’t want you to have to worry about money the day of your experience.  We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Should you need to reschedule, and do so, prior to 48 hours of your session we will apply the amount to your new session date. If you do not contact us prior to 48hours of your session then your initial payment is forfeited. We accept cash, check or credit card.

What happens after my CelebrateSexy session?

We hope you’ll spend the next few days telling everyone you know about what a great experience you’ve had!  icon wink FAQs
But technically, approximately two weeks after the session, you’ll come back to the studio where you’ll see your images set to music and (unveiled) played for you on the big screen in our theater. You can come by yourself, bring someone special or anyone you’d like to help you make your selection decisions. You can even make it a surprise and we will discretely leave the room so that you can enjoy the experience privately.

Will my images be retouched, and is it included in the price?

We take great pride in our photography and want nothing but the best for our clients. That means one of our highly skilled CelebrateSexy artists will analyze each image and determine how artwork may best enhance it. Our signature Visual Magic is a 10 step process that includes things like light blending of facial lines, softening of eye bags, whitening eyes and teeth, removing blemishes, lengthening or darkening eyelashes and removing facial shine. Our Visual Magic is complimentary and included on any image you select for your album or additional purchase options. Additional retouching services are also available and priced based on the amount of work necessary.

Will my images be used on your website?

All the images you see on our website, blog or PR pieces have been approved for use by the individuals photographed. We have a Model Release form that we will ask you to sign if you are comfortable giving us permission to include your images for our publicity purposes . . . if not, then we would NEVER publish or use an image from your session. We respect your right to privacy and that is a major reason you will view your images at our studio and not online.

Why is it important to work with a professional makeup artist and hair stylist?

It is our professional opinion that having your hair styled and makeup applied by trained and licensed artists not only adds to the beauty of your final images but also enhances your overall experience. The feeling of being pampered through these services will set the perfect tone for how the rest of your time will be spent with us. Whether you decide to go to a salon prior to your arrival, choose to have one of our preferred artisans meet you at our studio for the beginning of the experience or opt to have them stay throughout the session (for touch ups, style changes, etc.) we know you will be much happier with how your images will look. It is important to remember the make up you would use on a daily basis is not near the amount you would apply to be ‘camera ready’.

Can I bring ‘props’ to my CelebrateSexy session?

Yes, we recommend you do as they can help personalize your photographs. Bring in any type of ‘prop’ you think will enhance your CelebrateSexy experience but remember that it’s really all about YOU and overdoing it can sometimes overwhelm the image. Go to our “Props” section to learn more.