Prop Ideas

Here are some prop ideas that can add a ‘little something extra’ to make your session and
images uniquely yours!

- Shoes, shoes & more shoes . . . (high heels, stilettos, pumps, strappy sandals)

- Cowboy boots are awesome!

- Jewelry (sparkly diamonds? romantic pearls? sexy velvet choker?)

- Sports Fan? How about a team uniform or sports equipment?

- Hats (his fedora, a cowboy hat or maybe a favorite baseball cap?

- Scarves, belts, feather boas (we have some boas here)

- Your (or his) favorite hobby accessories (fishing rod, motorcycle helmet, skateboard)

- Celebrate a birthday with balloons, streamers or a cake? Frosting could be fun

- Fetish Fun (latex, handcuffs, leather, chains, etc.)

Remember . . . sexy is what YOU define it to be but if you’re looking for some inspiration . . . we’ve put together a list of clothing ideas you can use to add ‘personality’ to your session.

- Fishnet stockings, thigh high nylons, French stockings & garter belts

- One of his long sleeve dress shirts & his favorite tie

- A sexy little black dress

- A favorite sports jersey

- A matching lacy or satin bra/panty set

- A pair of jeans that fit you great

- Pajamas (babydoll, sheer negligees, teddies, his favorite t-shirt you sleep in)

- Bathing suits or shear cover-ups

- Your naked body draped in one of our satin sheets

- Boy shorts and a baby-tee or tank top

- Cut off shorts, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat (shirt or no shirt?)

- A white tank top, cotton panties and white thick sport socks

- A big comfy sweater