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A fun collection of images photographed on our new Red Spangled background set combined with video footage of the experience of the session and exit interview with Amber.


Sexy can be a lifestyle.  But, when it isn’t yours, it can be intimidating to consider a provocative gift like sensual female photography even for a longtime lover.  When the wrinkles, rolls, and lack of luster seem too much to face, consider that beauty is an attitude and the average woman may be a half foot shorter and fifty or sixty pounds heavier than the typical model, but is still as gorgeous as she believes herself to be.  Take the first step toward sexy and you may just find that it fits much better into your lifestyle than you ever imagined.

It is never easy to make the first step into uncharted territory, but sensual photography does not have to be feared. Knowing what is in store can certainly help to ease whatever reservations you might have regarding your own photo session. First of all, rest assured that you are not the first client of the studio to have the pre-session jitters, nor will you be the last.  Therefore, the staff is professional and highly equipped to help ease your nerves and guide you through a very pleasant and rewarding experience.  Secondly, although it will equate to an added expense, it may be wise for the bashful beauties to opt for the professional hairstyling and makeup application because the time spent with these professionals, added to the amazing outcomes, will boost self-esteem.  Once those services are complete, the staff at the studio will help and advise you as you choose outfits and scenery that best fits the desired look.  An all-female staff means that you can feel comfortable and as if you are in the company of your friends.

Just as the perfect hairdo and makeup application can help improve confidence levels, so can the right apparel. Your session is as unique as you are at CelebrateSexy, and the staff realizes that not all women feel sexy in the same sorts of attire; therefore, you do not have to fear being nude, or dressed in the most scandalous of outfits.  Wear what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel beautiful.  Boy shorts and a low cut tank or a man’s dress shirt and a pair of underwear can be equally as stunning as fishnets and garter belts, especially when the woman feels more comfortable and more at ease in the earlier options. 

Although the pictures may be for him, the experience is yours.  So, come to your CelebrateSexy session ready to have fun, create your own version of beautiful, accept the support of a well-trained staff, and the outcome will be better than anything you, or he, could have dreamed of.